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Timeliness and branding

Timeliness is not only a virtue, but a slice of the many factors that make up a brand, whether a personal or a corporate brand.

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Branding and marketing and baking a good cake

Is strategic and tactical myopia crippling your brand and eroding its marketshare and mindshare? Why is making a cake similar to great branding?

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SEO does not replace quality or branding

Some clients may imagine that SEO is the panacea to all problems and is the greatest thing to fix all the problems a company or its brands face. But, seriously?

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Chinese painting and what it means to marketing

I have been a trained Chinese painter since my teenage years, and increasingly, imho, there is some resonance between Chinese painting and the fields of branding and marketing. How?

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porcelain kiln

No one is an expert, but experience counts

Recently, a social media practitioner mentioned that no one is really an expert in social media. True, except that gray or white hair does matter in any industry, especially in marketing and branding.

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Fans, Friends, or What?

In the rush to adopt social networks today, we hear of client companies pressing for more “fans” or “friends” to their social network communities. But what are “fans” and “friends” really, in the context of branding and marketing? What do these mean in real life?

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