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Increasing your marketing budget to beat your competition yet?

Times are bad. And in bad times, marketers do two things, spend more, or spend less. The wise spend more in bad times. Why?

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It is all about spending advertising dollars

Facebook just announced that its algorithm has gone through (yet another) change, where it pendulums back to its old days of giving more precedence to posts by friends and families, instead of brands and publishers.

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Adblocking is changing advertising and helping everyone

There is an ongoing debate about adblocking, and how that could destabilize advertising online. However, is the debate useful or valid?

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Timeliness and branding

Timeliness is not only a virtue, but a slice of the many factors that make up a brand, whether a personal or a corporate brand.

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Branding and marketing and baking a good cake

Is strategic and tactical myopia crippling your brand and eroding its marketshare and mindshare? Why is making a cake similar to great branding?

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SEO does not replace quality or branding

Some clients may imagine that SEO is the panacea to all problems and is the greatest thing to fix all the problems a company or its brands face. But, seriously?

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