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5 Tips on working with Asia Pacific Media

If you are trying to gain ink or screen with a media in Asia Pacific, the BEST way is to work with the experts – PR agencies which do this for a living day in, day out, and thoroughly battle-tested.

McGallen & Bolden Asia moves office

Asia, January 1, 2022 – McGallen & Bolden’s Asia office has moved to a new integrated location at International Plaza. The firm now features a space for livestreaming, video production, podcasting, and product and gadget reviews.

The Asia address is now at: 10 Anson Road, #03-19, International Plaza, Singapore 079903.

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Are you feeling let down by your media monitoring service?

These days, top and middle management crave, yes, crave for data and reports. For publicists, the measure of their success seems to be drilled down to reports – the prettier, the thicker, the better.

Leadership Secrets at 30,000 Feet training programs

Leadership secrets from the cockpit and ancient Asian philosophies

Why should leaders start looking beyond new Western management thought and the singular and often quoted Art of War? Can leaders learn from mission-critical professionals like airline pilots in managing people and businesses better? A recent radio interview presented us the opportunity to share our thoughts.

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