It seems ludicrous that a company would sue its paying customers, since customers pay the bills and ensure the survival of a company.

There was a story about a customer who posted a negative review about a product on an e-commerce platform, and got threatened with a “cease-and-desist” letter from the vendor. Thankfully, the story ended well for the frightened customer. The e-commerce platform ejected the vendor from its platform. While the vendor did not have the good sense to apologize to the customer and try to repair the relationship, instead it mentioned on its website that jobs may have to be lost due to this incident. Anyone in customer service would look at this response and go, “What?”

Relationships can come and go, just as vendor-customer relationships can come and go. It is not a “till death do us part” scenario. If a commercial relationship works for both parties, it goes on. When either one or both parties feel that the relationship is not yielding fruit or goodwill, perhaps it is time to part company. It is a commercial relationship, and there should not be such brutal legal battles thrown in the field. The worst that should be allowed to happen – is to part company.

Customer service is never easy, and customers do have escalating demands as they become more aware of the market, and more sophisticated in their needs and desires. If we as service providers or vendors cannot fulfill the needs of the customer, we try our best to make amends, with the hope of continuing the relationship in a mutually fruitful manner, or at least make sufficient amends so that the customer can leave with goodwill from us. The world is getting smaller, and though doing business is tough, we can still try our best. We will not always win in terms of revenue or retained relations, but at least we want to and can try our best to have as amicable endings as we can, if relations cannot continue.

Lawsuits never win friends, and only create enemies that are usually not there in the first place. Those who fight with swords, will perish by them. Let us do business as allies, partners, or if we are able, as friends. The world has enough suffering. We can do with less.