We are a tech-centric public relations (PR) pioneer in South East Asia.

McGallen & Bolden - digital pioneer

McGallen & Bolden – digital public relations (PR) pioneer

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McGallen.com is in existence since 1996 - here is the ironclad proof from Netcraft, showing we are a pioneering tech PR agency. How old is any agency you are evaluating? Find out for yourself!

Proof that our domain “mcgallen.com” existed since 1996

REAL tech PR people

To some, tech PR simply means an agency that handles tech or B2B PR accounts. To us, we hold ourselves to a much higher standard. You should too.

What is tech PR unless you are actually technologists and practitioners yourselves? When we say we do tech PR, it means these:

1) We study tech. We will study your industry, figure out your business, your products at a macro CXO level, and your competition. When we work with you, you can be sure our principal strategists will study your technology in detail so that we can pitch effectively to the media at the CXO level. We love all tech, whether it be infocomm or cybersecurity, aviation, biochemistry or medicine.

2) We are tech practitioners. We are hands-on. We know coding from web to apps. We are sysadmins (servers, web and security). Our principal techie Seamus has been a coder since the 1970s (BASIC, Cobol and Fortran, and thereafter all the gamut of web languages), have done graduate-level biochem research, and designed UNIX server-based analysis systems and also email security servers. If you are a tech company, you can be sure we will speak the same language. We don’t have “account executives” here.

3) We articulate tech. We are advocates and evangelists of technology, whether in the media or on stage speaking to thousands. If you talk to our principal strategists, whether on cybersecurity, enterprise networking, programming, business rules, digital video, image optimization, SEO/SEM, we can talk to you like colleagues. Seamus has been an Apple Mac evangelist in the 1980s. He has spoken at cybersecurity, industry and even aviation events as a keynote speaker, and frequently as a broadcast journalist/commentator.

Agile, Lean, Bootstrap

We have always adhered to Agile/Lean and Bootstrap principles. We started from co-sharing a space, and chose the lowest-end Apple Mac (LC) and Newgen TurboPS 400 laser printer for our work. Most designers and agencies then would have bought the expensive Mac IIfx and the Apple LaserWriter IIg. We could make our equipment work because of our DTP (desktop publishing) pioneering experience, where we mastered the methods of image optimization so that we could ALWAYS produce the smallest high-resolution files for printing and production. Even today, we are adept at optimization and compression of image and video content, so that your audiences are always greeted with FAST websites, video and mobile content.

Things didn’t start easy. The first prospect told us point blank, “I have not heard of you guys, and why should I pay you anything much?” We persuaded this prospect (himself a startup) to sign on a retainer despite his initial objections.

B2B tech PR and Digital PR pioneer (since 1991)

We went on to serve many retainers and projects, including notable names and pioneers in cybersecurity and enterprise technologies, such as Sumitomo Electric, Mitsubishi Electric, KRONE (now ADC Krone), SunSoft (now Oracle), Novell, PeopleSoft (now Oracle), ILOG (now IBM), DEC (now HP), Trend Micro, APC (now Schneider Electric), Progress, NEC, McData (now Broadcom), Codenomicon (now Synopsys), Computer Associates (CA), Plantronics (now Poly), Rally (now CA), and many more.

We are pioneers even before the phrase “Digital PR” came about. When others were sending paper press releases, we were the FIRST to author and distribute 3.5-inch floppy Interactive Press Kits in 1991, with animated menu-driven presentations and press materials, using MacroMind Director 1.0 (now Adobe Director).

Since then, we went on to pioneer many offerings, including online newsrooms and digital video. Our online newsroom microwire.info is an honoree of RAGAN’s PR Daily Awards 2015 for Best Online Newsroom. We started digital video since 2000, using AVID NLE to produce Cinematic Advertising and Broadcast VNRs (video new releases), and moved on to digital video.

microwire.info - news release distribution website, online newsroom


We REALLY know tech

Our motto is “Making Ideas Work“, where we take the most esoteric and complex of technology concepts of our clients, and translate the jargon and principles into something everyone can understand. The media and the people demand news that makes sense and is approachable.

How do we achieve this? Simple. We are geeks too.

Our principal consultant Seamus has been a programmer since the 1970s, and have programmed on the Casio FX, Sinclair ZX, Atari TRS-80, Mac Plus, to UNIX, using languages such as BASIC, Fortran, Cobol, HyperCard, and then onwards to C, Java, Perl, PHP and the rest of the Web languages. We co-developed the NetJanus™ email security appliance in 2003, which featured a MIME filtering software running on UNIX and Sendmail MTA. And we wrote mobile apps, web apps, and developed numerous websites for government agencies, multinational corporations, and startups (some of which are award-winning).

NetJanus® email security server project

NetJanus® email security server project

We can confidently understand your products to communicate effectively with the media, the social audiences, and your stakeholders.

We SOLDIER on for you

When the dotcom bust happened in 2001, many tech PR agencies folded. We stood firm, and braved on to served many more clients, continuing to reinvent ourselves day by day. We are passionate, committed, and we intend to stay.

Today, we are one of a few original tech PR agencies that still stands proudly independent, growing in new expertise areas, and strengthened our existing strengths. You will find our Digital Marketing and Training offerings comprehensive and integrative.

There is no magic – just hard work, continuous learning, kaizen (改善, or “continuous improvement”), customer focus, keeping a pulse on the media and trends, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Some consider us the Commandos and Surgeons of this field.

In a nutshell, we live up to our name as a tech and digital PR agency. We don’t just do PR for tech companies – we ARE tech, and we KNOW tech.

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