Mobile apps must be one of the fastest growing industry these days. Everyone with a smartphone (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Nokia) is likely to have downloaded an app or more from the respective mobile app repositories.

However, while there are millions of mobile apps for every purpose, there is also a trend for companies to design and deploy their own internal mobile apps. These apps contain proprietary and confidential information and are only to be used by their own internal employees, or trusted partners. Therefore, such apps cannot be found on public app repositories. According to Fortune magazine, large multinational corporations such as IBM, General Electric and Genentech are all having their own internal app repositories.

Let us assume you run a typical large multinational corporation with people in research, in marketing, in manufacturing, in quality control, in logistics, and so on. There can be mobile apps that target particular management functions as well as apps for all employees, tapping on internal product knowledge to serve customers better. The beauty of such internal app repositories is that you retain complete control on the apps, the devices that use the apps, with security and audit trails.

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