We hear about management “gurus” proclaiming that there are immutable laws of fields of business. However, nature dictates that there is no fixed and permanent “laws”. Even the established, highly logical, and much researched fields of physics and mathematics, often have new findings that dispute or negate earlier findings. Every day is a new exciting day for physicists, astronomers, and mathematicians, who can discover new ground, and break old laws.

Therefore, in the field of business, marketing, leadership, publicity, sales and so on, there can be no immutable law, only what seem to work for the moment, or even the past. These fields are more fluid and volatile than scientific fields, since the guts of these fields are run by human nature, and appeals to human emotions.

The problem with business is that it depends on how humans behave. And unless you believe human beings are a homogeneous lot with one thought, one vision, one desire, one direction, it would be difficult to expect them to go the way you want, much less have binding laws that stick. After all, even mortal and immortal laws have been known to be broken or bent, and sometimes by doing so may not be wrong either. For example, it was previously assumed that the food pyramid requires a lot of carbohydrates, some fiber, proteins and fat. The die-hard dietitians and nutritionists, and even physicians, who still subscribe to this age-old, seemingly immutable law, have realized their mistake. Why? Because the old food pyramid was applicable to people in yesteryears that were farmers, laborers, and other jobs requiring plenty of physical exertion. Even scholars of old had to travel very far to reach their examination halls, often traveling on foot for months before reaching their destinations.

Conversely, today, many people have the luxury of owning their own vehicles, or taking public transport such as taxis, buses or mass transit systems. And what do most modern people do once they reach their work place? Sit at the computer and exercise only their fingers on the keyboard whole day! The level of physical activity and exertion has gone down tremendously compared to labor-intensive periods, and so the body is not able to convert the high carbohydrates (as in the traditional food pyramid) into energy, and thereby convert them to storage instead, causing the alarming rises in obesity. This is one “immutable law” gone wrong without adapting to changing times.

Likewise, our world is evolving rapidly, with economies shifting locations, workplaces becoming decentralized, and irrational and impatient customers who demand a great deal, without so much loyalty as before.

If there is an immutable thing in life, it is CHANGE. Adapt to change, and your marketing will thrive, and your organization will excel. In the following pages, we provide action steps and insider secrets to creating a marketing program that can have dependable and repeatable results. Remember, we are not here to win awards, but to win customers and stay in business.

These are some writings we did in 2003 (published as “DotZen”, a paperback book that was widely publicized), and we extracted some which are still relevant today, in the areas of branding, marketing, sales, publicity, and business improvement. If we find some time outside that of helping our clients grow and taking a rest, we will try to write some more.

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