Some young job candidates came forward to demand quite many things: remuneration, perks, short hours, nice office, and most of all, that the jobs should be what they want, how they want it, mostly full of fun, social engagement, and glamor.

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a fictional world of movies and make-believe.

When we recruit new people, we seldom oversell the job itself.

We would always tell them, for ANY and EVERY job, there would be say, 20% of the job nature that we have great interest for. The remaining 80% would likely be mundane, backend, support or administrative in nature. There is no job in the world that is 100% glamor and all fun.

For example, even a Hollywood actor may only see 20% or less of fun and glamor (appearing before adoring fans and maybe, just maybe, winning the Oscar or the SAG award). The rest of the time is fighting to get roles in countless castings (and often not getting the gigs), reading screen plays, rehearsing ad nauseum every line in the script, NG, NG and NG during shooting, etc, etc.

So people need learn to respect the job they have and know that as long as 20% of the job is interesting, challenging, stimulating and fun, the 80% is necessary.

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