Do you have a lot of information, knowledge and wisdom that others out there may benefit from, but perhaps feel just a tad left out somehow? Don’t worry, the world is so rapidly evolving with players going through ups and downs, you will have no lack of opportunities to invent and share great outcomes of your own.

Sometime ago, some friends asked if anyone knew how to become a constant contributor to a particular social media platform. I too, got curious when asked, since I have never bothered to think about that before. The reason is simple – I believe in owning my own media and content, and I have every interest to invest time, money and effort to build my own, rather than delegating such an important outcome to a third-party platform.

Nonetheless, I researched a bit, and found out eventually that we can email this social media platform to request to become an influencer or a contributor.

An automated email came back from this platform, and basically, two things were explicitly mentioned, that they were no longer accepting content contributors, and that influencers were by invitation only, and they were not approving new ones.

Well, that is that. Of course not!

There are world-class business influencers who deserve getting their wisdom out to many people. Their wisdom may apply to some, and may not apply to others, because each person in the world has a unique path to walk. And some may not even choose business-related paths to walk either.

And to many people, their more personal circles may have influencers who matter much more to them, including families, mentors, clergy, and so on. And, there may also be influencers with personal, career or business experiences that are more closely parallel their own experiences.

There are also many luminaries who inspire us, but have joined the ages past, and have no longer a voice of their own. These luminaries have so much wisdom and enlightenment that it is up to all of us to propagate their wisdom to those we know, and those we may be in contact with through offline and online means. This need will fall on all our shoulders, and certainly not confined to a few.

Before the advent of desktop publishing in the 1980s, publishing remained in the iron grip of printing presses and traditional publishers. I was blessed to join the digital publishing revolution where I was an advocate in my locale and pioneered the use of digital illustration and publishing to the business community, on the unconventional-looking Mac Plus then. Since then, I kept up with the use of the digital tools to illustrate, to publish, to communicate via interactive media and later on, even video. Those were the exciting early days, and to the many like us, publishing was no longer confined to printing presses and traditional publishers, but we too, were empowered to communicate in similar ways.

Fast forward to today, and the media scene has continued to face drastic challenges, with the onslaught on digital online and mobile publishing, as well as social media. Anyone today with thoughts can easily express thoughts on a mobile device or a computer, through blogs or even video blogs. The social evolution has changed how information is exchanged and trusted, from the old world of “top-down” communication, to the current mode of social engagement on the ground. Increasingly, people begin to trust traditional information sources less, and rely on them less, but supplement such information sources with as many non-traditional and social sources as possible.

Therefore, when we think about influence, it is important to displace the delusion that only a few are worthy of having wisdom, or what it takes to propagate the wisdom of the luminaries who passed on. The social-centric digital landscape has empowered many to the task, and we, you and I, are all influencers. We are all publishers.