Paradigm Communications (
Paradigm Communications is an independent PR consultancy in China specialising in corporate and marketing communication services. Established in 1998, we have offices in Beijing and Shanghai, and a team of 20 executives with PR experiences gained from over 35 Chinese cities. We are well versed in utilizing both conventional and social media to support our clients’ communication needs in China. All our clients are multinational corporations, industry co-operatives, and foreign government organizations.

Tripple (
Tripple is an award-winning design studio fronted by 3 formidable designers. We highly recommend them for your design needs. Talk to our team to help steer such projects.

Basecamp (
We have used their service for a long time – Basecamp, to manage projects and events. Great reliable service, works on multiple platforms and devices (even mobile), and tremendously useful for small growing firms.

CoverageBook (
AVE (advertising value equivalence) is DEAD! Now we are talking about Barcelona 2.0 (AMEC) for PR measurement. We use the modern coverage tracking and reporting platform from CoverageBook. We are also capable of generating custom coverage reports based on your needs (for retained clients).

GTmetrix (
We use GTmetrix to understand website performance (Google PageSpeed and Yahoo! YSlow scores), with details such as Page Load Time, Total (Web) Page Size, and Total Number of Requests (per web page). We are then able to advise what areas to improve for client websites (server configuration on Apache/LiteSpeed, switching hosts, WordPress configuration, etc).

Vimeo (
We have tried various video hosting platforms, and each would have advantages and disadvantages. Some professional video hosting platforms use antiquated embedding code which is troublesome for websites and may cause compatibility issues, especially under optimized code. While YouTube is really easy to embed on websites, it is a public social channel and so may not be suitable for some applications and businesses. Vimeo is a good compromise in many areas.

MailerLite (
Inbound marketing is the big thing these days, with marketing automation, lead generation and nurturing, landing pages, and EDM. However, many inbound marketing and marketing automation platforms scale exponentially in pricing when you grow. If you are a growing or a successful large corporation, there are many platforms we can recommend, that can scale with you, with prices that make sense to your marketing budgets.

SurveyLegend (
As a marketer, charts and infographics make up a big part of communication. We have evaluated many survey platforms, and this is one of the best, in terms of features, responsiveness from the team, and ease of use.

ThemeCheck (
Is your WordPress theme causing problems, some which you may not even know about? This free web resource allows you to check your current WordPress theme, or evaluate a theme before you commit to your real-world site. Talk to us about what themes work best for speed, compatibility, and SEO.

Studio on 3rd Avenue (
Run by industry veteran Chris Leong, this production facility has a large chromakey studio and a nice lounge. Chris is very helpful in the production and filming process as well. We shot our fan film there many years ago.

EasyGenerator (
Easy to use e-learning platform that is SCORM compatible. Talk to us if you like us to develop self-paced learning programs for your human capital needs.

BranchTrack (
Another easy-to-use and SCORM-compatible e-learning platform. Talk to us if you like us to develop self-paced learning programs for your human capital needs.

Web, Email hosting
We take care of our clients in website creation (CMS/WordPress), web security, host configuration, DNS setup and registration, email hosting. Our packages range from SSD VPS, to dedicated hosting. Talk to us for your entire web and email needs.