Today, change is the only constant. Those who can’t keep up, will be left behind or disappear.

Agile is the hallmark of running fast, keeping up with the pace of change.

We have always been agile, nimble, fast, and kaizen (改善, continuous improvement). This is how we have started as a bootstrap agency in 1991 with nothing but a desktop Mac and a laser printer, and continued to innovate and invent – for ourselves, and our clients.

The Agile Manifesto penned by software developers is a nice fitting reflection of what we have always been doing since inception.

Here’s briefly how we manage our PR, digital marketing, and training services to make ideas work for you.

Agile PR

Public Relations (PR) is an increasingly fast-paced field, with the decline of some mainstream media, and the rise of online media. The rules of engagement are fluid, with turnover extremely high in journalism and media. To keep pace with getting our clients known in the market, we need to move very fast, responding quickly to every media need, near-time or real-time. The fastest one wins. We have been Agile in PR since inception, and we place importance on people, relations, good client outcomes, industry and media partnersips, and rapid response to media and stakeholders (including crisis communication and management, using aviation best practices of CRM, or crew resource management, and TEM, or threat and error management).

Agile PR (McGallen & Bolden) - More about people, outcomes, partnerships and rapid response

Agile Digital Marketing

Digital marketing, whether it be inbound marketing, social media marketing, websites, SEO, and digital video campagins, is about responding nimbly to the demands of your customers, swimming against the tides of the market, and beating your competition. We have been Agile in all forms of digital marketing, to help you to be fast-to-market, earning customers and mindshare, and ultimately, improving your sales bottomline. It is about your customers, successful campaigns, influencer and other industry partnerships, and rapid response to social media challenges.

Agile Digital Marketing (McGallen & Bolden) - More about people, outcomes, partnerships and rapid response, and less about procedures, reports, legalism and plans.

Agile Training and Development

Training and development (or Talent Development), is an area we are deeply entrenched in since our early days of teaching customer service (service quality), TQM (total quality management), BPR (business process re-engineering), and ISO documentation (ISO 9000 and ISO 14000). We have since moved on to teach and facilitate media training, crisis communication, leadership training, sales training, and leadership transition for airlines. Our training and development efforts are all Agile and Lean. Rather than focus on classroom instruction, our sessions are richly facilitated, with plenty of case studies, role-plays, advanced simulation, all geared to helping your employees learn.

Agile Digital Marketing (McGallen & Bolden) - More about people, learning, facilitation and rapid response

For us, Agile, Lean, Kaizen (改善), or Lean Six Sigma, are all principles and practices for us to be competitive, to be nimble for market, and flexible to your needs. No waste of time, documentation, production, human capital, or space.