Seamus, our resident geek and CTO, started computer programming in his teens in the 1970s (BASIC, Cobol, FORTRAN, and later on C, Java, Perl, PHP, and other web languages).

We believe there is a need to communicate at any level, with content streamed to any device of choice of your customers, using any media of preference, whether video, images, text, or more.

Increasingly in Asia Pacific, most people use their smartphones as the device of choice, rather than tablets and laptops, with video as the medium of choice.

Depending on your budget, we can help you develop these mobile apps:

  • Web apps (viewable on ANY mobile phone, with URL or QR code)
  • Android apps (downloadable on Google Play)
  • Android/Web Event apps (Android or web, for your trade event, conference, seminar, and so on, with event agenda, attendee chats, polls, maps, etc)
  • iOS apps (for iPhone and iPad) – Apple changed their Developer Guidelines (Section 4) which now demands that ALL apps must be created from scratch and not on modularized platforms. This means that iOS apps are much more expensive to create now.

These are the basic functions we can build into the Android app for you (we can build in more, just talk to us):

  • Apple AppStore (iOS/iPhone) and Android (Google Play)
  • Text content (about your company, etc)
  • Products and Services
  • Video
  • Music/Audio
  • Photos
  • Events
  • RSS – News (press releases, blog articles, etc)
  • People (key personnel in your company)
  • URLs (website links)
  • Facebook and social media integration
  • FAQs (frequently asked questions)
  • Business hours
  • Contact (via phone, mail or message)
  • Review
  • Loyalty card
  • Push messaging
  • QR scanner
  • Map integration (location based services)
  • Analytics

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