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What we do

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Digital marketing (social media, mobile, video, SEO/SEM, “inbound marketing“, and Web) empowers you to communicate with your customers and stakeholders directly. You can win and retain customers, and relate to all stakeholders effectively. We help you expand your brand and sales.

  • Content development (copywriting, creative direction)
  • Social media marketing (blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc)
  • Inbound marketing (marketing automation, lead nurturing, landing pages, SEO, EDM)
  • Advertising & Direct Marketing (Google, Facebook, or Mobile)
  • Website design and development (WordPress)
  • Website and microsite hosting (on our fast SSD servers)
  • Mobile App development (Web apps, Android & iPhone/iPad)
  • E-commerce (secure website, Paypal integration
  • Video production (videography and post-production)
  • Facebook Live and RTMP livestreaming
  • Interactive Video and Gamification
  • Infographics
  • Slide presentations (e.g. on Slideshare)
  • SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (marketing)
  • Social media monitoring, audits & reputation tracking
  • Augmented Reality campaigns
  • Web server security and administration

What makes us special

We are Internet pioneers since the 1990s, and programmers since the 1980s.

Our paradigm is “Search+Social™” to help you get FOUND through search engines (e.g. Google, BING, Yandex, etc), and engaged on “Social” ecosystems of Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Dark Social (WhatsApp and Snap), etc.

Even before the Internet, we were there. Remember CompuServe, AOL, BBS, and dialups? We were there, running BBS (the “grandfather” of social networks) on dialups. We have developed apps since the 1980s, with BASIC, Fortran, HyperCard, Perl, PHP, HTML, Java, Javascript, etc. We were pioneers in developing interactive media and web content, and in social media management since the Friendster days (2002).

Our digital expertise is recognized, having been an Intelligent20 Finalist, an Honorable Mention for Digital PR Agency of the Year (Digital PR Awards), a Silver winner in the Asia Pacific Stevie® 2016 (Most Innovative PR Agency of the Year), a Bronze winner in the Asia Pacific Stevie® 2015, and a Finalist for our digital newroom in the PR Daily Awards 2015.

Digital marketing today is sophisticated – it is not just posting on Facebook. Clients are looking for brand voice, reputation management, crisis communication, social listening and engagement. More than that, they want conversion to sales and revenue. This is where we can help with integrated and holistic inbound marketing programs (essentially a combination of Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and SEO).

At the heart of our digital marketing services is to help you succeed in branding and revenue goals. We would always find strategies and tactics that would help to steer a call-to-action, generate leads, or enhance your sales cycle.

Media Troika© – Earned, Owned and Paid Media Strategy

Video is our core expertise

McGallen & Bolden has its own inhouse video news production equipment, on mirrorless camera systems and video cameras with interchangeable lenses, and video rigs and stabilization equipmentVideo is supplanting other forms of media. Look at YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook Live. Video is Engaging, Educational and Entertaining.

We can help you go “live” using video streaming; or help you develop “news/documentary-style” on-demand video to reach your customers on social platforms and websites. We have our own professional video and broadcast gear to produce Video News Releases (VNRs) and short films for you:

  • Mevo Camera for Facebook Live
  • Blackmagic Design Camera system (documentary/films)
  • Teradek wireless livestreaming encoders
  • Olympus OMD system (great for stabilized videos)
  • Fujifilm X-camera system (great for film-like colors)
  • Edelkrone & Zacuto professional rigs
  • Atomos recorders
  • Audio-Technica wireless and RODE microphones

Website Design & Hosting

We can help design, host and maintain your website, microsite, online newsroom, on our fast and secure SSD (solid state drive) hosting servers. We know how to optimise your server, secure it, and set it up for WordPress CMS (content management system) for good sustainable SEO (search engine optimization) that get your website found by customers.

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Mobile & Web Apps

We can help you deliver mobile apps for the Google Play (Android) and Apple iOS (iPhone and iPad), or mobile-friendly “Web Apps”.

Infographics Creation

Infographics is as old as mankind, as found in ancient caves. We can help create business infographics to supplement your publicity programs.

Beyond Web and Social Media

Remember that your corporate profile on the social networks is your “face” and your reputation. We are your stewards for protecting and building your reputation. We look at the sustainable and long-term goals, rather than myopically getting “likes” or “fans”. It is about engagement, retention, and advocacy. Experience counts – we are Tech Geeks since 1980s.