We have been industry Veteranen in these sectors, and are passionate about technology companies:

  • Internet-Sicherheit (including operating systems)
  • Enterprise networking (hardware/software)
  • Software Entwicklung
  • Alle Dinge Tech

Do your work with your whole heart, and you will succeed – there’s so little competition.
Elbert Hubbard, Philosopher

If you are a Anfang with a great product, or if you are a sizable multinationalen corporation elsewhere and want to expand exponentially in Asien-Pazifik, we will be happy to help you with these:

  • Eignung consulting and study
  • Markt Nachfrage research and consulting
  • Wachstum potential, competition, and analyses (including “pulse reports”)
  • Refinement/preparation of und Dritten , plan and campaigns
  • Aufnahme and business processes (with third-party firms)
  • Das ganze Spektrum Marketing and PR
  • Produkt Evangelisation
  • Branding (Einschließlich Benennung und zum visuelle Identität)
  • Geistiges Kapital development (with third-party law firms)
  • Market entry strategies and connectivity by helping you work with sales outsourcing (resellers/distributors), or through joint ventures and Allianzen, oder vielleicht der grünen Wiese und zum schlüsselfertig projects through tenders and pitches.

And, it goes the other way too! If you are planning to expand to America and Europe, and need some friendly advice, we can help too, or point you to the right folks. We have field experience in this area before too, and certainly will hope that you will succeed without going through infinite hoops and challenges.

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