Ikigai, 生き甲斐, to many of us, whether Asians or Westerners alike, mean a great deal. The phrase means “a reason to get up in the morning”. To put it simply, it means finding the meaning of life.

Although there are many who slog through life without the desire or the energy to find out the meaning of life, there are many of us who truly and humbly seek ikigai, to find meaning, so that we can more readily embrace life, and not simply indulge in activities and tasks just to pass time. After all, time is the most precious asset any one of us can have.

Dr Ken Mogi (茂木健一郎) shares just as an eccletic background as me (I am both a computer programmer, biochem researcher and an artist), having a law degree before he earned a PhD as a brain scientist. He is perhaps very much a philosopher as he is a scientist, and I can identify with his quest for ikigai.

There are many works on ikigai, some written from Asian perspectives, and some from the Western perspectives. But I especially Dr Mogi’s “The Little Book of Ikigai” a great read, because well, it is supposed to be simple. Far too often, academics (and I sometimes fall prey to the same sin) write for fellow academics, rather than embracing the greater populace and helping more people understand things. In this regard, Dr Mogi’s book is a great read for anyone.

Ikigai has 5 simple pillars (until we try to live and breathe it):

  1. Fangen Sie klein an
  2. Release yourself
  3. Harmonize and sustain
  4. Find joy in little things
  5. Be in the here and now

When we look at a typical business today, all too often, the top brass focuses on being “big”, and neglecting the need to harmonize and sustain the venture. Many executives only focus on the short or even immediate term. Invariably, nobody is happy. So the simple recommendations of the 5 ikigai pillars would help just anyone who may have struggled a great deal from working life, and is deciding to find a simpler, more approachable, and more sustainable way of living life.

ISBN: 178648904X Title:  The Little Book of Ikigai  Author:  Ken Mogi  Genre:  Body, Mind & Spirit  Publisher:  Hachette UK  Release Date:  September 7, 2017  Pages:  288ISBN: 178648904X
Titel: The Little Book of Ikigai
Autor: Ken Mogi
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit
Publisher: Hachette UK
Veröffentlichung: September 7, 2017
Seiten: 288

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