Anyone can claim to design a website. We have been designing, developing and hosting websites since 1996. We also ran BBS (bulletin board system) servers, the “grandfather” of the Internet even before that.

McGallen & Bolden - digital pioneer

McGallen & Bolden – digital pioneer

Netcraft offers a site rank and testing tool you can check any website and its age. How old is a PR or digital marketing agency on the Internet? Find out! existiert seit 1996 - hier ist der eiserne Beweis von Netcraft, der zeigt, dass wir eine wegweisende Tech-PR-Agentur sind. Wie alt ist eine Agentur, die Sie bewerten? Finde es selber heraus!

Nachweis, dass unsere Domain „“ seit 1996 existiert


Our websites are fast, secure, have good SEO (search engine optimization), and highly optimized graphics. Our videos are hosted professionally for good streaming. We are great content developers to help you with blogs for improving your website’s SEO. We also help you set up CDNs (content delivery network) to push the speed even faster. A fast website not only helps your website get found on Google and other search engines, but help your customers STAY and RETURN again and again (i.e. low bounce rates).

Cybersecurity foe Web & E-commerce

More than that, our team are sysadmins and network administrators, so that we know how to configure the web server for the optimal performance and security for your sake. There are web designers everywhere, but not many sysadmins who manage web servers who will also develop your websites for you. We have been web and Cybersecurity pioneers since 1996, developing backend admin, databases, security configuration, and even cybersecurity server devices (e.g. NetJanus email security appliance on BSD UNIX).

3 Lackmustests für eine Website

Setzen Sie eine Website (z. B. eine Agentur, die Sie evaluieren, oder Ihre eigene) für diese 3 Tests ein, z SEO (PageSpeed & YSlow), Schutz (SSL-Test) und UX (Benutzererfahrung). Wir können Ihrer Website helfen, auf den neuesten Stand zu kommen, genau wie wir es für unsere eigene getan haben.

Das GTmetrix test is great to find out how optimized your website is for SEO. Bad scores, slow load times, big web page sizes, and hundreds of server requests, all penalize your website for SEO.

20170523 Test auf

GTmetrix PageSpeed & YSlow scores

If a website is still NOT on SSL, you are left behind on 2 areas – security, and SEO. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the minimum standard for a corporate website, and especially an e-commerce site. The Qualys SSL Mit dem Test können Sie feststellen, ob auf Ihrer Website die richtigen Sicherheitsvorkehrungen getroffen wurden.

20170523 Qualys SSL-Test auf

Scores on SSL tests

Is your website effective and user-friendly? For example, can your website by viewed by mobile and other users? How satisfying is the User Experience (UX)? Is your website marketed well? Is the technology sufficient? The fascinating Nascher Test ist ein guter Ausgangspunkt.

20170523 Knabbertest auf

UX scores

Schnell, sicher, mobilfreundlich und brieftaschenfreundlich

While most professional website design firms charge high fees (you can use this Computer as a gauge), we pride ourselves as professionals with a heart. We will work with you so that you get a website that is fast, secure and mobile-friendly, and remain within a decent budget.

Here are some screengrabs of some recent website related projects.

Fast, secure and optimized websites (including e-commerce) for SEO

Fast, secure and optimized websites

Fast and secure websites for SEO

Fast and secure websites for SEO

VillageSmith laser engraving , 4 leaf clover and custom gifts company website at

E-Commerce ready with PayPal and WhatsApp

multi-lingual website creation

bi-lingual website creation (EN and CN)

training clients' to manage websites

training clients’ to manage websites

microsite creation and video content

microsite creation and video content

True Internet pioneer since 1996 - award-winning Global Asia content site in the early days of the Internet

True Internet pioneer since 1996 – award-winning Global Asia content site in the early days of the Internet

Brands big and small used our web design and hosting since 1996

Brands big and small used our web design and hosting since 1996

Get your brand found today with a good quality website! And if you need to sell products, we can help you set up an ecommerce site too! Kontaktieren Sie uns !

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