Marketing is part science and part art. Some marketers may be trapped by the endless loop of statistics and analytics, some by choice, some by compulsion, and some others by pressure. But how much time and effort is enough, and how much is too much?

Numbers are not an absolute truth, nor do they necessarily reflect reality.

Numbers are assistive at best, to a small degree. As the saying goes, numbers can lie – it all depends on what parameters you define those numbers, and how numbers are presented. Therefore, unless you live and die by the mere presentation of numbers, it may not be worth blood and sweat to go nuts with mere numbers.

If you are forever trapped in a vacuous room dissecting and analyzing numbers ad nauseam, then you may be spending way too much time doing something that is prohibiting you from getting out in the field, and getting your hands soiled by the real-world effort of field marketing, or battlefield marketing.

After all, a business survives or thrives based on how sustainable it can be, by bridging real-world needs of its customers and its deliverables, whether products or services.

So, having spent just sufficient time to dissect and discern your analytics, you may need to take a deep breath, and begin to think of your strategies and tactics, and how best to deploy them affordably, efficiently, and especially promptly to the market.

Time is the essence and is often the determinant to success or failure of your plans and programs. Waiting, pondering, meandering, and procrastinating, even if you imagine that you are trying to find the best points of entry and the best ways to do things, may simply mean your competition has crept up on you, and crumbled you along their footpaths to their glorious successes.

So understand your numbers, plan well, spend wisely, and move swiftly and promptly, and your battle cries in the marketplace may be then met with lesser competition, or less-prepared ones. It is about who reaches the finish line, and not about who makes the loudest noise or present the flashiest flags.