In the age of social media, numbers may seem seductive. But the reality is that on any marketing medium, we are seeking actionable fans and real customers, not mere numbers.

You may sometimes notice your social media “fans” grow a great deal, especially during certain times. And if you did not bother, ignorance may seem like bliss, especially if our bosses pat us on our backs and commended us for a job well done – “growing numbers” on the social media platform.

It is unfortunate that some practitioners, whether client-side or agency-side, are trapped by mere numbers. We can sometimes attribute this obsession to top management who may inadvertently press for mere numbers without understand what these numbers mean, whether these numbers mean anything in the real world or not.

Therefore, for our own sanity and the sustainability of any marketing program, online or offline, we must enlighten the entire stakeholder chain about what useful real-world numbers are, and what we should truly seek in this “exciting” world of social media.

Periodically, we may need to go to check our social media channel and restrict who can stay on our channel, by age, and sometimes by countries. If our products and solutions require legal adults, there is no point having those who are still attending junior school. There is also no point having “fans” if they are never going to visit our locale to purchase anything.

Therefore, when we dissect those spurts of “fan” growth, and by turning on age restriction sometimes, you may notice they seem to coincide with lull periods in school, such as post-examination periods, and school vacation.

We can keep these restrictions permanent, or periodically, since some social media platforms do not seem to work seamlessly if restrictions are kept in place. Think of periodical restrictions as “verification” housekeeping.

Nice looking numbers may not mean anything to us when sales and revenue are what our organizations seek.