If you are looking for a candidate at your department or company, would you prefer a candidate with raw energy, or someone with tactfulness and EQ?

Some people are go-getters, and aren’t afraid to ruffle some feathers to get things done, and sometimes, JUST to get things done. I remember, regrettably, I used to be a go-getter of this sort, where results were what I cared about. And naturally, I didn’t make too many friends. But when one is in that kind of competitive financial services environment, one would’t care as long as he could achieve his objectives.

And there are other people who are tactful and emotionally sensitive, where being able to get along with others may just be more important than just achieving results. I have known quite a few people who could really help soothe frayed nerves, even if sometimes, the competitive types might find these peaceful and sociable types not exactly moving at the same pace.

The question really is, what kind of environment are you working in? Is your environment more suitable for competitive go-getters, or more for people who are team-players?

Next, sometimes you can even have your cake and eat it. There are the rare few, who combine positive energy with benign and even compassionate diplomacy. These are people you would like to hire at all costs, because they are natural leaders who would also be empathetic to the needs of others with the skills of a diplomat, and yet never compromising on deliverables and quality, with energy that glows and shines on others.

Therefore, it is so important to properly profile your candidates, communicate, and most of all, listen well to your candidates. Discern well, and you may just find the rare few people you would hire right on the spot.