Every company that intends to grow and to solidify its brand has a marketing team (anywhere from one person or more). But how do you know if your marketing team are superstars?

Here are 5 simple questions, does your marketing team have:

1. Courage?

Does your marketing team stand up to scrutiny and defend their recommendations? Does your team brave the odds and negativity of the naysayers and stick to their plans? Conversely, if your marketing team shrinks from confrontation, or if they shy away from management scrutiny, and simply only do the mundane, the status quo, or uncontested methods of marketing, or if they are too conservative when spending marketing dollars, they need help.

2. Creativity?

Does your team “wow” you every time they present ideas and programs to top management? Does your team find every opportunity and method to soldier on in bad times and tough demands? Does your team think in multi-lateral ways instead of linear ways when confronting problems? Conversely, if your marketing team consistently tells the top management the same old tried and tested programs, or if they seem to lag behind the competition in creative, provocative and engaging campaigns, they need help.

3. Wet muddy feet?

Does your marketing team go out in the field and feel the pulse of the market? Do your people co-sell or at least tag along with the field salespeople, or participate in field campaigns and experiments? Conversely, if your marketing team derive every idea or program within the confines of air-conditioned comfort, and has never stepped into the shoes of field salespeople or ground employees, or checked with customers in the field, they need help.

4. Well read?

Does your marketing team devour the global and macro news information consistently? Does your team read up the latest developments of the market, the competition, and technologies and the methods? Does your team read and know about things way beyond their domains, but expand to the arts, the sciences, the technologies, and so on? Conversely, if your marketing team does not expand reading beyond the basics of company materials, or simply the bare minimum of marketing-related trends, they need help.

5. Pitch power?

Can your marketing team pitch to your top brass well? Can your team sell ideas effectively to management with the flair of Steve Jobs perhaps? Can your team explain the most complex of marketing ideas and campaigns in under a minute well? Can your team get up on stage and evangelize to an audience of 1,000 without flinching and without rehearsals? Conversely, if your marketing team cannot pitch to your management, and can never explain anything succinctly, and have stage fright, they need help.

6. Surgical precision?

Can your marketing team simplify everything down to digestible bits so that the entire corporate chain can understand, measure, and participate in? Can your team remove all the fluff and distill everything down so that every uninitiated outsider who may be potential customers can easily understand and buy in? Does your team possess an uncanny discipline to structure, manage and ensure everything runs like clockwork and on time? Conversely, if your marketing team seem to complicate matters or make even simple things seem complex, can’t seem to measure in the simplest yardsticks, cannot stick to deadlines, and campaigns always seem too convoluted for customers, they need help.

Being a marketer demands courage, creativity, hands-on experience, knowledge, evangelism, and discipline. It is a tough job, and yet thoroughly rewarding. And the great thing about a marketer is that he/she has the power to tap on external partners, and to expand the marketing power to far beyond internal experience.

Being a marketing superstar is not easy, and all it takes is a good dose of courage and creativity to reach out and grab all the like-minded friends to partner with, and roll out the megawatt campaigns to dazzle customers and weed out the competition.